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The Hockey Talk Show Will Be Blogging

I started The Hockey Talk show so that we could have a two way conversation about what is happening with hour favorite team from our favorite sport. Since starting this web show/podcast we've grown a great deal. But there has been one thing missing and that is a blog. I must admit, I'm not really a writer. I do consider myself more of an orator. Plus I can't spell to save my life! So this won't be a terribly frequent blog, but it will be one filled with rich content, that much like our actually show, you won't be able to get anywhere else.

So the reasons why we know have a blog are two fold. The first is to give us another forum to deliver content to you. The video's we do are great... The Podcast is useful and convenient... But we lack in print... And now we don't anymore. Sometimes a topic deserves a long form, well thought out article instead of a rant. Sometimes its easier to share a thought across your social media when its in the form of an article... Now we can. The second reason is, as we grow there are more opportunities for us to monetize our site. Blog articles will allow us to do that. So again, there won't be a ton of these... But when the times call for one... We'll have a nice blog for you to sing your teeth into!

So follow the blog here!


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