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Oh Snap, Gritty Just Owned PK Subban With This Sign!!!

Gritty giving it to PK during warm ups!

Oh man... I have to give the Flyers credit... Creating Gritty and letting him run wild like this is a pure stroke of genius...

This is messed up though... If I was PK, I'd pull this guy aside and let him know whats up. But as I fan of both Hockey and burns, I love the move from Gritty... #MascotChampion


Gritty is of course referring to world class Olympian Lindsey Vonn who also happens to be PK's fiancé...

I wonder what Lindsey's response will be, but judging by this photo on her instagram...

She clearly doesn't mind snuggling up with big dumb hairy animals... PK might be in trouble here!!!

Catch up on the latest LIVE Hockey Talk Show here where we discuss Gritty and the Flyers new Rage Room!


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