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James Neal Traded For Milan Lucic

The Calgary Flames traded James Neal to the Edmonton Oilers for Milan Lucic.

On the surface this is a one for one problem swap. But we’re saying the Edmonton Oilers won this trade. Neal is by far the better player who still has a good scoring touch. He just had a rough year in Calgary.

Neal is an aloof player who can be frustrating at times. There’s a reason why he’s been passed around from team to team and is now with his fifth NHL franchise. But he can still skate. He can score and his effective in front of the net. Plus he’s got some sandpaper to his game. I‘m basically describing what Milan Lucic used to be. My guess is Neal will slightly out score Lucic this season but even though it will be close this is still a bigger win for Ken Holland and the Edmonton Oilers!

The game has passed Lucic by... Sorry Flames fans but this wasn’t a great move for you.


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