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Blackhawks Super Pissed At Anisimov; Trade Him To Ottawa As Punishment

Artem Anisimov

Getting traded can be brutal... Getting traded to the Senators is a punishment. I'm not sure who Artem Anisimov pissed off in the Chicago Blackhawks organization but they literally just traded him for Zack Smith who has identical stats... Actually now that we look, Smith's stats are worse...


Some may look at this as a cost cutting move to save the Blackhawks $1 Million in cap space... Choose to believe that if you want to(and want to be a sucker) but over here at the Hockey Talk Show Investigative Team we think he doesn't wash his hands or never holds the door open for teammates... I don't know, maybe he never clears out the keurig cup after he uses the machine, I'm not sure, but its got to be something he did because no one deserves such a severe punishment especially if its unprovoked!


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