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Binnington Signs Cheapest Contract For Stanley Cup Champion Ever

For literally saving a franchise and taking them from worst to first in six short months Jordan Binnington was rewarded with the cheapest contract ever given to a Stanley Cup champion goaltender.

Binnington signed a two-year $8.8 million contract with an AAV of 4.4 million.

GM Doug Armstrong continues to be one of the most fiscally responsible general managers in the game. After all he just lifted Lord Stanley’s cup and has just over $7 million remaining in cap space.

The deal makes sense for both sides although we can’t help but think that Jordan could’ve probably gotten more if the National Hockey League didn’t leave all the power to teams in RFA situations. The money obviously is favorable for St. Louis and the term favorable for Jordan. He has two years to prove that this past season wasn’t a fluke and then he’ll really get paid! For now being an RFA there’s really not much else he can do.


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