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Anders Lee's Amazing Message To Fans

Lisa Gansky
Anders Lee

It came down to the wire and for a while there, most Islander fans thought they were losing their captain for a second year in a row. But, after all was said and done, Anders Lee resigned with the New York Islanders for 7 years at 7 million dollars per.

No doubt he could have absolutely gotten more on the open market. Rumors were swirling prior to July 1 that he was seeking, and could get, $9 million per year.

But Anders Lee wanted to stay an Islander. Even if he had to wait for his favorite team to court Artemi Panarin, in a move which could have left him searching for a new home, he never wavered.

When Lou Lamoriello finally addressed the media, he said keeping Anders was always the plan. And I believe him... But the timing proves otherwise. But one thing this situation did prove was that #27 is a true captain. What he did by taking a back seat to the Panarin pursuit was put team in front of self. You can't find a better captain than that.

But what really impressed us, besides his loyal selfless wonderful self... Was his celebration message to the Isles Fans! #ImNotLeaving #WolfofWallStreet


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